jQuery to get Week Day timestring and validate timestring

This post deals with how we can have the week day name from current date.  Refer the following fiddle to have an idea about how it works. http://jsfiddle.net/jeevanbaby/dSXRz/1/  

  This fiddle has 3 functions. First one returns week day name, second one returns time string with AM/PM. Please note that this function won’t [...]

Replacing all occurrences of a string : Javascript Replace

We may face situations like replacing some occurrences of string with another. In java-script we can obtain the functionality by using the replace() method. eg.,

will give result as

so in those situations replace() works well. but see the below example

then we need to replace all occurrences of XYZ. so by [...]

Umbraco Edit Datatypes – Part Two

This session about umbraco data types is going to deal with the following data types. Date Picker Date Picker With Time Label Numeric Related Links RichText Editor Simple Editor Tags TextBox Multiple TextString True/False 1) Date Picker provides an easy way to add a field which helps to choose dates in our content pages. This [...]

Add days to a date in PHP

Add days to a date in php  !!!  is that complicated ??? While working with date functions I have got a situation where I needs to add 30 days to a date in PHP. I found that is very simple and have played with date functions and  here is my brief Say we have a [...]

How to create a simple jQuery image slider

Here we’re going to discuss, how we can create a simple jquery image slider. Its easy to create one, if you’re familiar with jquery basics and javascript. Here we go. Step 1: Obtain a jquery library reference from http://www.jquery.com/download/ . Its free, copy paste the content to a .js file inside your project. Or use [...]

how to implement jquery cycle plugin

  For implementing  jquery cycle plugin  we need some javascript files, css files and an html file. We are following a directory structure that is given below -slider(home directory) – index.html – js — jquery-2.0.2.min – -jquery.cycle.all.js (js file used for sliding) – css —  style.css (basic style for our slider) – images (all images) Step [...]

Enable cURL in XAMPP

I was trying to work with cURL functions in my localhost. But those functions were not working. I just checked with phpinfo() and saw that cURL is not enabled. So the next question for me is how to enable curl in xampp. I justu n-comment cURL dll line in these three files. 1-  \xampp\php\php.ini 2- \xampp\php\php4\php.ini [...]

Pinging an IP address using PHP code

How to ping  an IP Address using PHP. I have searched for this a lot. Oh man !!  There is a function in ‘curl’ that simply do  the ping. The example below is self explanatory

The function will out put and an array and the array will look like below ….